Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mutant Bombs!

Not the most pc figures of course, nevertheless a must have unit for the 'stealer cult. Adoration of chaos worshipping aliens isn't all fun and games kids. One minute you're normal joe toiling away at the robot factory, the next you're a twisted mutant letting a Magus strap an explosive harness to you and promising you spiritual cleansing in return for your sacrifice to the cult.

I cobbled these out of some damaged Bob Olley and human bomb Imperial Guard, zombie heads, guitar strings, plastic bits from GW kits, and some parts from Victoria Miniatures.

I recently ordered some parts from Victoria Miniatures as I have all but run out of the original plastic Imperial Guard arms. There is much variety available and they seem to fit the old armless IG and such quite well, a good option for those in a similar situation. The head is also from the same company.

This guy was missing a leg so I tried to make it look like tentacles had sprouted from under his uniform.

Detail of the bomb harness, chained on to deter second thoughts.


  1. Great stuff! Love these models. :)


  2. Simply brilliant. You get all the weird and tragedic vibe from these guys. Conversions work wonders here and the colours you added to the skintones really give that extra something to make them come to life.

  3. Extremely cool conversions! Lovely work!

  4. Ugly little bugger's aren't they!

    With a couple of aspirins & few band aids they'll be right as rain......kinda, sorta ;/

  5. Top shelf mate, I'm always impressed by your freehand work like on the urban cam fatigues here.