Thursday, 26 February 2015

Children of Chaos

Been working on a lot of stuff simultaneously (a great method of wasting time faffing about and getting little accomplished!), however I did recently complete the finishing touches on these 10 beastmen.

Through dark rituals and psychic signals I hoped to draw them from the wilderness to serve my Genestealer Cult as expendable troops. Of course being children of chaos, they may very well find themselves distracted by the enticement of slaughter, glory, and tasty manflesh offered by a Realm of Chaos Warband, or getting in the way of adventurers and their loot in dungeons under the old world.

This is one of Chaz Elliott's infamous Snakemen. I was trying to paint it's scales in a pattern similar to an Australian Death Adder snake. Don't think it ended up resembling the real deal much but its acceptable enough to me as evil-fantasy-serpent-man scales. This is the only Snakeman I own, but I can see why they are sought after by collectors. Softly sculpted and somewhat impressionistic, similar to the style of Nick Lund, but packed with lots of cool details. I like how they are dressed in furs to insulate their cold blood!

Bob Olley Beastman. As usual, a weird sculpt that left me a bit uncertain what to do with it. Nevertheless I found the goat-like features, outrageous head-dress, and overall outlandishness appealing.

The fur of this beastman was inspired by a picture of some kind of primate I saw once, I think it was a Golden Lion Tamarin.


And the fur pattern of this bloke was inspired by an african antelope.

Finally I will leave this post with a picture of what's currently in my painting queue.