Monday, 28 December 2015

Hybrids and Terminators

Fellow antipodean oldhammerer Captain Crooks (check out his sweet blog with some hilarious battle reports among lots of other cool stuff here) recently got back from a far off distant land, I had assumed him lost at sea, but to my surprise he had somehow returned from his perilous journey. Pressing a mysterious cardboard box into my hands he gasped madly "take this, it is now yours, I can no longer endure its burden" and ran off cackling. 

The box hummed with an unholy energy. It called to me to open it. I was helpless to resist the urge of the other-worldly force."Lead! Glorious lead!" I exclaimed as I tore open the box and succumbed to insanity.

That is the last thing I remember until just moments ago, when I regained consciousness, covered in paint and with these newly painted figures on my desk.

That explains why I haven't posted in a while.


Ogryn Hybrid

Ork Hybrid

Space Marine Terminators