Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Scavvy Crusties

Been having fun over the last week painting up an assortment of odd figures for the Cult.

Scavvies: Degenerate, underprivileged mutants who deserve our help to rehabilitate into Imperial society? Or antisocial, voluntary homeless who choose to adopt chaos worship as a lifestyle and have to be purged?

The Hive Gangers, Titan Crew, and Imperial Guard of this era are such great sculpts, they are a delight to paint, I can't get enough of them. But I am so sick of these bloody plastic arms!

This guy will eventually be part of a mutant band.


This is a little taste of the Orc army I've been putting together for some time now. I've been drawn to work on them a bit more again I think due to the arrival of a package of Crooked Claw goblin wolf-riders (which are fantastic by the way). It's made up for the most part of Citadel Hobgoblins, Urak Hai, and hordes of Asgard goblins. Lots more Orcs to come, as well as hopefully some photography quality improvements.


  1. I had never paid much attention to Nick Lunds (?) Asgard sculpts but in the hands of a talented painter like yourself they look really good. The wolf riders are my favourite out of this lot. Nice work!

  2. Superb painting.
    I've not seen those Orcs before but they are great- the pose on the wolfrider with spear second in from the left is wicked.

  3. Those oldschool Urak Hai hobgoblins are boss! Nice job corroding them up & the freehand shield looks great too!

    When I get sick of plastic arms etc, I usually grab other plastic arms from minis and convert them i.e. cut the forearm off of one & use a shoulder pad of another..... or find an arm that has a nice shoulder and gouge out the internals so that it can become a shoulder pad.

    Anywho, great output from you.......once again :)

  4. I feel the same about the plastic arms as you do, but the sculpts that you mention have a specific charm alright. They look fantastic here too.

  5. Love the scavvies - the muted colours with a blast of red and blue look fantastic!